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Hemp seed operations harvest in the late Fall, though you can purchase year-round as we ensure the seed has been stored well in an aerated and temperature-controlled bin. In order for the seed to enter the United States, it needs to be rendered non-viable, either through a heating process that maintains the integrity of the outer shell but kills the endosperm within, or through a dehulling process which removes the outer shell and leaves only the inner “nut”. Please let us know your individual needs so we can identify if hulled or dehulled hemp will work best for you.


Dehulling Hemp


The hemp will be dehulled prior to entering the U.S. by one of our trusted processors. Though the process is proprietary to each dehuller, it consists primarily of the use of centrifugal force to crack the shell and separate it from the nut. The shells and nut are then delivered onto a gravity table and sorted accordingly. The shells can be purchased separately from the nut and make good animal feed. Please inquire if you are interested in purchasing hemp shells.


Once the hemp is dehulled, if stored properly in a cool and dry environment, the shelf-life of the nut is 12 months. You may also request that your dehulled hemp be raw or toasted.



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