Complete Proteins.

Naturally Gluten-Free.

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About THC


You do not have to worry about the risk of THC in any of our hemp products. Many of today’s certified hemp seed varietals have so little THC that they have been exempt from any further THC testing by the government, though we test and receive THC-free certifications on all our product anyway. The hemp industry is diligent and your products will be safe and healthy for your customers. As the United States begins to open its doors to hemp cultivation in various states, please be aware that uncertified cultivars may be at risk of THC levels above the legal limit (>.3% by dry weight basis). You may have interest in purchasing U.S. hemp and unfortunately we do not sell any U.S. grown hemp at this time.


About Gluten


Hemp is naturally gluten-free. While everyone involved in the cultivating of hemp does their best to prevent any cross-contamination of wheat, there is a slight chance that wheat will grow wild in and among the hemp fields. To combat this issue, we encourage our growers to grow hemp on land that has not recently been used for wheat within the last five years. We also conduct visual inspections during the cleaning process and dehulling process, as well as conduct gliadin/gluten testing on each lot of hemp we purchase from our growers. The FDA requires that anything labeled as gluten-free have less than 20 ppm gluten and we strive to achieve that goal with all of our product regardless of your requirements. If you have concerns about gluten exposure, please let us know your specific needs.




Our hemp seed is 100% GMO-free natural product originating in Canada.



*Please note these typical values are approximate and may vary by +/-10% depending on varietal, weather, and soil conditions.


Color & Appearance

Small white nuts with flecks of green skin and hull


Protein                                    33%

Ash                                          6%

Fat                                           44%

Carbohydrates                       12%

Moisture                                5-8%

Trace THC Narcotic             <10 ppm

Peroxide Value                     0-4.0 meq/kg

Gluten                                   <20 ppm

Pesticide Residue                 Nil



We test for the following:

Standard Plate Count

Yeast & Mold

Fecal Coliforms

Total Coliforms

E. Coli


Staphylococcus A



12 months from date of manufacture when stored properly



For maximum shelf life, hulled hemp nut should be stored in a clean, dry location.  Storage temperatures in excess of 75 degrees Fahrenheit for a sustained period of time may cause rancidity and separation of the soluble and insoluble proteins.



Product is packaged in 55lb sacks, ships in totes



Certified Kosher. Vegan. Nut-Free.

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