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Hemp in Beer – tasty addition or marketing ploy?

Hemp is touted as a plant with thousands of potential uses, from clothing to building materials to food. I keep hearing lately about one use in particular: hemp in beer. As a brewer and beer lover myself, I can’t help but be intrigued. More...

What Can We Say About CBD?

There is a CBD frenzy happening right now in the United States. People want to buy it even though they don't know much about it. People want to sell it even though they don't know much about it. Without proper clinical trials, much is left to anecdotal evidence and word-of-mouth recommendations.   More...

Hemp History Week and more signs that public opinion on hemp is turning

Fewer people are making jokes about hemp and hippies these days. Instead, farmers, medical professionals, and consumers are all giving a voice to a growing industry potentially worth billions of dollars. But the law is not on their side. Let's look at the signs that legislators are opening the minds and votes to legalizing hemp.



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